Why Do We Try So Hard to Impress Others?

What is our infatuation with living a perfect image in other people’s heads? Why do we want people to look up to us? What is it about impressing people, that we’d go bankrupt to do so? Idea of impression The idea that based on what we have, people will like us more is a lie. Unfortunately, ItContinue reading “Why Do We Try So Hard to Impress Others?”


People will argue that not everyone deserves to be happy, but I would disagree. Everyone deserves happiness at some point in their life, if not all throughout. Happiness is such an important concept for individuals to achieve because ultimately that is the human goal: to achieve our desires, to have the ones around us toContinue reading “Happiness”

Can a Long Distance Relationship Really Work?

What society says about it   A long distance relationship, statistically, shouldn’t work. Many people will agree with that statistic enough to be skeptically when a relationship, as such, enters their lives. They’re scared, can’t commit the effort, or don’t believe in that person enough to take the chance. Now don’t get me wrong, aContinue reading “Can a Long Distance Relationship Really Work?”