Train to Ladywell

What crossroad am I approaching? London Bridge towards the National Rail Southeastern train surely.  Are my considerations haunting me? I can hear foolish gossip.  The wick on a wax candle burns until its finale. Am I at my wicks end– setting fire to the paper airplanes circling Westminster? Another train passes by.  “This one yours?” asked the middle-aged conductor. “No,” IContinue reading “Train to Ladywell”

Can a Long Distance Relationship Really Work?

What society says about it   A long distance relationship, statistically, shouldn’t work. Many people will agree with that statistic enough to be skeptically when a relationship, as such, enters their lives. They’re scared, can’t commit the effort, or don’t believe in that person enough to take the chance. Now don’t get me wrong, aContinue reading “Can a Long Distance Relationship Really Work?”