The Road to your Dreams

Achievement is a destination that we all wish to see. We wish to achieve our goals and succeed in our dreams, but how do we get there? The road to our dreams is not always an easy one. We get setback every time we take a step forward, but what if I was to tellContinue reading “The Road to your Dreams”

Social Anxiety

noun Medical Definition of social anxiety : a form of anxiety that is brought about by social situations (such as meeting strangers, dating, or public speaking) in which embarrassment or a negative judgment by others may occur We’ve all been there before. The uneasy feeling you get when you step into a social setting. You become hot unexpectedly,Continue reading “Social Anxiety”

Let’s Talk About How You Can Accomplish More

Eliminate Distractions I think the easiest way to accomplish more, is to start by eliminating distractions. This could be your cell phone, social media, and/or people. Notifications on your cell phone are extremely tempting, and with the “phantom vibration” phenomenon, it only adds to that temptation. Focus on the bigger picture. Your goals are somethingContinue reading “Let’s Talk About How You Can Accomplish More”