Should I ditch my writing goals for 2020?

Welcome to 2020 said no one this year! The start of a new year usually comes with new goals or expectations for what you’d like to accomplish. As a novel writing junkie, my goals were to finish TWO of my works in progress. One of which being, FORSAKEN. A fantasy novel that I’ve been scribblingContinue reading “Should I ditch my writing goals for 2020?”

Finding the inspiration to write in the chaos of COVID-19

I, for one, can say that these pesky stay at home orders have actually impacted my writing in a productive way. But for others, the stress of the unknown and the hysteria that flows through the air has done nothing than be a giant road block. The question is, how do you find the wantContinue reading “Finding the inspiration to write in the chaos of COVID-19”

Sunday Savior

Ocean waves raged out of control, Tossing me from the stern. I was ashamed and defeated, Lost and shipwrecked. The skies darkened, Inside the eye of the storm. The vessel’s in my mind sunk, Into the deep blue waters. Stranded and Starved, Hanging on to this life. I thought survival was my doing, Things IContinue reading “Sunday Savior”