Should I ditch my writing goals for 2020?

Welcome to 2020 said no one this year! The start of a new year usually comes with new goals or expectations for what you’d like to accomplish. As a novel writing junkie, my goals were to finish TWO of my works in progress. One of which being, FORSAKEN. A fantasy novel that I’ve been scribblingContinue reading “Should I ditch my writing goals for 2020?”

Why Do We Try So Hard to Impress Others?

What is our infatuation with living a perfect image in other people’s heads? Why do we want people to look up to us? What is it about impressing people, that we’d go bankrupt to do so? Idea of impression The idea that based on what we have, people will like us more is a lie. Unfortunately, ItContinue reading “Why Do We Try So Hard to Impress Others?”

The Road to your Dreams

Achievement is a destination that we all wish to see. We wish to achieve our goals and succeed in our dreams, but how do we get there? The road to our dreams is not always an easy one. We get setback every time we take a step forward, but what if I was to tellContinue reading “The Road to your Dreams”