London is Calling

I fell into a daydream last winter. The last thing I recall, I was cozied up by the fire with a good book. But now, all I see are rainy days beneath strange clouds. Murky liquid flows in the river Thames. I step out of the red phone booth. Ravens are feasting on leftover teaContinue reading “London is Calling”

The Shadow of Our Stars Update!

Announcement time:  It brings me great enthusiasm to share with you that my debut novel is coming up around the corner. I am aiming for a March of 2021 release. Whhhh! Who knew writing a book would be so complicated? Apart from writing the actual book, they’re tasks you must complete before the release date, andContinue reading “The Shadow of Our Stars Update!”

Tea Cup Writer’s Spring Newsletter

HELLO THERE!  Thank you for subscribing and reading. This newsletter intended purpose is to update you on all the things happening in my written adventure. I’m aiming for a seasonal newsletter (Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer) so keep a watch out and sign up for email alerts if you don’t want to miss what’s going on!Continue reading “Tea Cup Writer’s Spring Newsletter”