London is Calling

I fell into a daydream last winter. The last thing I recall, I was cozied up by the fire with a good book. But now, all I see are rainy days beneath strange clouds. Murky liquid flows in the river Thames. I step out of the red phone booth. Ravens are feasting on leftover tea and biscuits. I see the Union Jack waving in the wind coaxing me to get closer. There are black cabs and red buses. They fly by in a frenzy. People are honking their horns– a traffic jam. I flash to Poppies. I’m ordering fish and chips. I have a handful of gold coins in my hand. The streets welcome a stroll as I eat. I walk for ages, through ages. But then I see white stone columns with iron gates. Buckingham. The Queen’s Guard is changing. I join the other tourists in awe. “Ello, mate!” cries an overweight American. Departing, I venture to a public garden. Kensington Gardens. I see the boy who never grew up encased in bronze. He is to live through the ages long after I’ve gone. I listen to the ducks in the waterways and the fountains hum. It is serenity, pure, and blissful. Whimsically satisfying. And hopelessly romantic. If only I can stay a bit longer this time. There is still far more I’d like to do. But the study window blows open. The flames choke out. And my cat, Peter, knocks over my cup of coffee. And all I say is, “God save the Queen!”      

The Shadow of Our Stars Update!

Announcement time: 

It brings me great enthusiasm to share with you that my debut novel is coming up around the corner. I am aiming for a March of 2021 release. Whhhh! Who knew writing a book would be so complicated? Apart from writing the actual book, they’re tasks you must complete before the release date, and they are proving to be endless. Truthfully, I think the writing part comes easy when you take a moment to consider the marketing campaign ahead of you. Yuck! Marketing? I guess it would be an absolute dream to have a publishing house do it for you, wouldn’t it? But now I’m stuck with the job of convincing people to buy my book! I don’t know which mask I’ll put on this time, whether it be the mask of deception or thievery, whichever helps me spread the news. (An inside joke with myself). 

Among the many items I have to cross off my list before this book is released, there is one that has sparked a trickle of hope to complete, the map of Evinar. I’d like to say first how much of a joy it was to work with Peter, the cartographer. All the way from the Netherlands, Peter was on top of every aspect when it came to communication. If you’re looking for a high-quality fantasy map to pair nicely with your fantasy novel or project I highly recommend maps_by_peter. I will attach a link to his gig if you’re interested, but without any further comments, I bring you the first look of Evinar in all its glory!

All maps aside, the official synopsis has been pulled together with every fantasy tropes your little heart can desire. 

In the shadowy lands of the Vail, nefarious evil plots to reclaim their stolen throne. The King’s reign has fallen silent. The Kingdom of Evinar is ripe for the taking. The stars have foretold of it. But a boy, a world away, is the only person standing in their path to victory. Abbott Bradbury resides in the quaint village of Woolbury and is nothing but ordinary. The caretaker to his unwell father, Abbott daydreams of wandering to countries far beyond his village borders. And when the annual Waxy Cap Hunt lures in a band of lively travelers, evil pursues closely behind.

His father is taken, an unusual friendship begins, and powers beyond his perception weave silently through the lands of Evinar and tie straight back to home. Will Abbott find the courage buried deep within to confront the evil and overcome what haunts him most, or will it consume him entirely?

And that brings me to my final piece of information, the cover reveal (which will be exclusively for the people reading this blog post.) Are you ready? Five…four…three… Oh, you get the point. Ta-da! 

As I mentioned earlier, I am aiming for a March of 2021 release through Amazon’s self-publishing service, KDP. I will also be setting up a link on my blog to buy a copy directly through me in case you wanted it signed (hopefully, there are people out there who do). None the less, I am holding my breath in anticipation and eagerly waiting to start my next project, whether it be a crime novel or romantic comedy.  



The Tea Cup Writer

Carpe Diem!

Under the guidance of burning wax, I’m wandering the narrow hallways of a castle. I see oil paintings of people lost forgotten— of people who ruled this stone keep long ago. My feet take me to the north hallway where I am forbidden to be. A desolate maple door separates my candlelight from what’s beyond. I can’t help myself. I turn the cold brass knob listening to the creaks in the floorboards beneath me. They’re warning me not to proceed. But I must. I have to. I’ve spent far too long imagining what lies inside but when the doorway opens, I see it. Sitting in the corner of the room right where I saw it in my dreams. A wardrobe like the one from Lewis’ children’s classic. Full of delight to see the country inside, I entered the wooden box and walk to the back like Lucy first did, but wood touches my fingertips. This isn’t meant to happen. Time passes as I search aimlessly through the dark. There is nothing. I step out of the wardrobe. Defeated. But before I have the time to reason, I notice I am not in the same castle I was before. No. This is different. I’m in a room stacked high with things that look out of sorts. There are mountains of books along with antique furniture stacked ornately high above me. A room of junk. A velvet case catches my eye. There are markings around the lid. They’re in another language. Elvish. My heart tells me. I lift the lid and find a single golden ring inside. It’s hung around a silver chain. Could this be? I slip the ring on my index finger and feel myself disappear from the room of odd things. And I find myself wandering back inside the caste with my burning wax, sleepwalking into another world.