Oh Mountain

As we ascended the ridge line, the peak of the mountain came nearer, just within our grasp. We crossed three flat stones that laid over a quaint stream. A foreshadow of what was to come before us.  Frozen lake; a lake covered by a sheet of solid ice. The blues echoed off the ice when…More

Glass and Salt

As we drove to the salt-flooded waters of glass, I wondered something of depth. We’re all only as strong as the fragile things that hold us together. An inadequate coffee is the difference between a good day or a bad one. A simple hello makes the world spin on it’s axis.  Today, of all days,…More

Café Day Dream

As the clock inched closer to five, my stomach filled with bubbles. Off to see you I was. A long and tiring day at the office makes me what to take refuge in your arms.  When I arrived to your dwelling, I found myself rescued, as your arms squeezed around me like vines on a…More