Let’s Talk About How You Can Accomplish More

Eliminate Distractions I think the easiest way to accomplish more, is to start by eliminating distractions. This could be your cell phone, social media, and/or people. Notifications on your cell phone are extremely tempting, and with the “phantom vibration” phenomenon, it only adds to that temptation. Focus on the bigger picture. Your goals are something…More

Here’s Why You Should Follow Your Dreams

Advice to give you a soft, but firm, kick in the behind. ***Disclaimer. I am not self-employed (my dream), but I have a strong passion to be. Currently, I’m employed with a state agency, and boy, it’s not what I imagined it would be. Please read carefully and DO NOT follow in my footsteps. This…More

Maple Leaf

As we glided through the wind stricken seas, our target came nearer. The maple leaf we were headed, for a relaxing weekend amongst kinder folk.  The vessel that we voyaged on was stuffed from stern to bow. So crowded that it resembled the lines of a soup kitchen. The sea is an interesting concept.  As…More