Glass and Salt

As we drove to the salt-flooded waters of glass, I wondered something of depth. We’re all only as strong as the fragile things that hold us together. An inadequate coffee is the difference between a good day or a bad one. A simple hello makes the world spin on it’s axis. 

Today, of all days, I experienced this. A simple gesture of gratuity was all it took to make my day. She told me the words and my heart was satisfied. Although the air was harsh and often filled with the very glass on which we stood, with you near me, each breath grew effortlessly.

The sound of her laughter filled the air as children ran by in pursuit of one another. This was a place for families and memories. For dogs to play fetch and parents to complain about the lack of their child’s ability to listen. 

All these things I eagerly awaited. Finally, experiencing the most rewarding part of this simplicity, the plunge of the sun into the ocean. 

The sky was filled with a child’s dream, cotton candy. And with an arm around my better half, we stood and watched as the day came to a pleasant close. Remembering that life is too fragile without the things that hold us together. 

Café Day Dream

As the clock inched closer to five, my stomach filled with bubbles. Off to see you I was. A long and tiring day at the office makes me what to take refuge in your arms. 

When I arrived to your dwelling, I found myself rescued, as your arms squeezed around me like vines on a tree. A kiss on the cheek erased the stress and I was accompanied by a four-lettered word which made me feel happiness once more. A power in which you hold over me. Almost like a monopoly over my happiness, who knew you were such a wall street woman? 

Anyways, those statements proceed me. We stopped in a moment to sit in silence. You rolled over and we conversed about our future and contemplated what road you should travel. Unfortunately I was at a loss of instruction. What if I am to give bad council? I have not figured out my own path, let alone that of the bigger picture. 

I write only to keep back the creative fires that burn within. Whether I am to keep this as a hobby or turn this into a stable career is an unfathomable thought. 

Coincidentally, I have this reoccurring dream in my head that ponders me. It goes like this; together we sit in a café in Italy. I’ve just finished my newest book and you’ve accepted a job offer regarding natural medical practices. We have a beautiful daughter who is munching on a pastry. When her mouth clears, she asks “what it is like to live in America?” We both exchange a smile. We are much older and haven’t been in quite a long time. You wink your eye and I know that we are still as much in love as we were before. 

Nature’s Calling

The PNW, Pacific Northwest if you’re unfamiliar with the acronym, is truly beautiful. Tall evergreen trees, long windy coastlines, and mountain ranges that extend as far as the eye can see make up the views. Over the last two years I’ve had the privilege of exploring the many mind blowing trails with the objective of finding the best views of mountains and waterfalls. I’ve seen at least twenty different waterfalls and four major mountains and thats only dipped my toe into Washington and Oregon. There is so much more that I’ve yet to explore and I believe that’s what I value most about nature, once you think you’ve seen it all, you can travel at least ten miles in another direction and see something completely different. Nature doesn’t become boring and it doesn’t become stale. There are not many things in human life that can compare to that. Most people can agree with me on this statement as people have invested their time in sharing this idea on several platforms where they can connect with others.Where they share their hiking experiences and recommend their favorite trails. A brilliant idea if I may say so myself. 

Now, my love for hiking is somewhat of a newer concept. I have my lady to thank for that. She really was the first person that exposed me to this “lifestyle”. Some of our first dates were hikes. With that being said it isn’t to say that I haven’t enjoyed the outdoors as a younger boy. I grew up in an old farm house that sat on several acres of land and as a child I was greatly encourage by my parents not to sit in front of the television screen, but to go outside. This made exploring the outdoors with my siblings very much a huge chunk of my childhood. Most of those memories I value deeply today. One memory that I look back on most of all is the ability to view nature untouched and unspoiled. Humans have a tendency of ruining the most beautiful things on Earth because we are reckless and selfish, so having a chance to grow up on “unspoiled” land was fantastic. This land had habit that was evolving every year once the river flooded in the fall. The lush vegetation became greener and spread over more land. As soon as fall ended I ran out the door with curiosity to see what changes were made to my imaginary world.

Another aspect of nature that interests me is the things that dwell there. The sound of the various birds chirping to each other and the many different trees that make up the landscape is fascinating. Trying to understand why things are positioned the way they are and why certain animals live there whereas others do not is a constant question in my mind. I recently went to Willamette Nation Forest in Oregon and was completely transfixed. It was the first time I saw the Three Sisters, a series of mountains in Oregon and I left with the question of why three mountains are put in such a series that it looks perfect to the eye. Also not to mention my recent stay in Oahu, Hawaii. Oahu is completely different from my home landscape. The jungle, as I like to think about it, was very different from what I’m used to. There was clay, bamboo, and crystal clear blue water as apposed to pine trees, moss, and murky lakes. It was like rediscovering my love for nature all over again. Every five seconds included an “awe” moment and a grin from ear to ear at what I was seeing. This usually happens every time I visit a new place or geographical location. I anticipate that it will continue to happen until my body ages and doesn’t allow me to travel anymore. 

Ultimately, my list of hikes to-do grows as the days go on. With ambition to hike in several different countries including New Zealand, Scotland, and Peru. Three completely different landscapes on opposite sides of the globe. Within this ambition I have many goals that are linked. They include, but are not limited to, hiking at least one-hundred miles per year, hiking at least once in all major continents (including Antartica), and lastly backpacking for several days on an extended hiking adventures. Something that I’ve already started to plan as you can never prepared too early when planning a trip like this.

Lastly nature is extremely pure and I value that deeply. It’s pure in the sense that there isn’t human made noise or light pollution as some call it. It’s just you and the great outdoors. You can go there to escape from your busy live and recharge in a way that’s extremely therapeutic. I would recommend to anyone that is looking for a change to give the outdoors a chance, there is a slight possibility that you may fall in love with it.