Paperbacks, Hardbacks, and eBooks. 
Their white pages remind us,
of the person in the mirror, 
before a few words changed our very lives.

You find escapism in the printed.
What a profound impact ideas can have on us all,
whether they be fictional or reality. 
To books, they are everything.
The taste of a fresh baked peach pie, 
or the way the snow flurries in the winter.

Writers have a responsibility.
We entrust in them without knowing,
and in moments of darkness,
we lean on them without permission.
How impolite of us all?

To the many, I say thanks.
To myself, I smile awkwardly.
The world is a far better place with writers,
whether you wish to argue or not.
They transform our hearts, 
and leave them,
more whimsical than before.