Sunday Savior

Ocean waves raged out of control,
Tossing me from the stern.
I was ashamed and defeated,
Lost and shipwrecked.

The skies darkened,
Inside the eye of the storm.
The vessel’s in my mind sunk,
Into the deep blue waters.

Stranded and Starved,
Hanging on to this life.
I thought survival was my doing,
Things I could control.

I had no food.
I had no water.
I had no savior.

Cracked lips,
And wrinkled skin.
I prayed for You.

Burdened and broken,
Desperately seeking the only help.
I found mercy in Your healing.

You lifted me from the sea,
Placed me by your side,
And filled the empty parts of my soul.

I gained a new life,
Shedding my old skin.
I was born again,
Baptized from the Ocean,
And placed in Your heart.